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Warehouse Management

If you operate a high-volume warehouse facility then you know how important it is to get the right merchandise to the right customer at the right time and at the right cost. Our Warehouse Management module helps expedite every step of the process – finished goods allocation, picking sheet printing, packing list processing and ship notice/manifest – to ensure you’re able to increase warehouse throughput while retaining accuracy and at the same time reduce the needless expense of duplicate data entry and routine errors.

The following modules are available with the Ensemble Warehouse Management Solution:

Finished Goods Allocation - Choose from hard, soft or hybrid allocation methodologies to ensure that you have stock to ship before a picking sheet is released to the warehouse floor. In scarce item availability situations your stock is optimally assigned to orders ensuring that you meet your customer fulfillment criteria within tight shipment windows. Auto allocation and de-allocation processes keep you on top of fulfillment changes as stock is received and adjusted in other system modules. Additional flexibility is gained by using the manual edit feature as needed to ensure that you meet the dynamic shipping needs of the day.

Picking Sheet Control - Picking sheet control increases warehouse productivity and accuracy by ensuring that stock is available to be picked and by preventing duplicate shipments. Picking Sheet History is retained for downstream drill downs and inquires. Multiple orders for a specific customer ship to location may be combined on one master picking sheet to improve picking efficiency. Orders for inclusion may be further filtered by purchase order number, ship date and ship via. Consolidated shipments reduce carrier costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Packing List Processing - The packing list processing sub-system is designed for deployment at packing stations on the warehouse floor. Items are packed into containers using either a barcode scanner or a flexible auto-pack feature. Order validation ensures that the correct items are packed in the correct quantity. Integrated real time UCC-128 container and content label printing and capture of compliance related information reduces downstream data entry requirements in an EDI environment.

Ship Notice/Manifest -Integration with Packing List Processing allows you to create a ship notice by simply entering or scanning packing list numbers - eliminating the need for costly manual or service bureau processing. EDI 856 document processing is integrated in-line so you can transmit as soon as the shipment is prepared. EDI 753 Routing Requests and EDI 754 Routing Instructions are fully supported.

Carrier Manifest - Optional integration with carrier-approved StarShip manifest software module from V-Technologies. Support for UPS, FedEx, FedEx Ground, US Postal Service, Airborne Express, Spee-Dee Delivery Service and more.