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All Ensemble Business Software platforms share the same application functionality – from our Small Business Edition to our SQL Server-based Enterprise Edition. This means that the user experience is identical across all of our product lines – the interface, feature set, workflow, reports, etc. This coordinated design allows small and mid-market apparel companies to leverage their investment in full-featured apparel software and training as they add more users and generate greater transaction volumes. All platforms are available with optional configurations for distribution, warehouse management, eCommerce, embellishment, EDI processing, manufacturing, accounting, business intelligence and more.

Our Apparel Business Software Solutions include:

Small Business Edition - Small apparel companies face the same unique industry challenges that large apparel companies do. That’s why we’ve created the Ensemble Small Business Edition – an affordable turn-key solution with the same application functionality as our Standard and Enterprise editions. The Ensemble Small Business Edition allows you to configure a solution for 5 to 10 concurrent users and to leverage your investment in software and training as your company grows.

Standard Edition - The Ensemble Standard Edition is ideal for configurations of 15 to 50 concurrent users. Thin client/server technology separates the program logic, processing, and data management tasks from user-interface processing tasks. All program logic, processing and data management tasks are performed on the application server, and all user interface tasks are performed using a thin client installed on the workstation. The result is less network traffic and more room for transactional growth and scalability over the long term for your business.

Enterprise Edition - This Microsoft SQL Server-based platform is a robust, full-fledged implementation that has been thoughtfully created to take full advantage of the SQL features that are especially beneficial to business management software – features that enhance reliability, data integrity, scalability Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Online Analytical Processing.