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The Ensemble Manufacturing Solution provides detailed and accurate tracking and reporting throughout the entire production process – from the shop floor to outside contractors to work in process to completion. The Manufacturing Solution offers a series of features that help maximize efficiency throughout all stages including the ability to create multi-level bills with flexible options – ideal for embellishers and other value-added shops. When goods are finished they are instantly posted to Inventory Management or Sales Order for seamless integration.

Our Apparel Manufacturing Solution modules include:

Work Order Processing - The Work Order module is the cornerstone of the complete Ensemble Manufacturing Solution. It allows you to issue work orders, generate cut sheets and bundle tickets, develop schedules, track costs and provides up-to-the-minute, work-in-process visibility. This module is equally well suited for make-to-inventory and make-to-order processing and can be configured for shop-floor production as well as outsourcing.

Production Order Processing - Designed for companies that manage raw materials internally and outsource cut, make, trim, embellishment and other operations. Production Order Processing facilitates the issue of raw materials to specific projects, allows visibility of Work in Process (WIP) at the vendor’s location and automatically updates inventory quantities and transfers when raw materials are required and/or consumed during the outside production of finished goods.

Bill of Materials - The Bill of Materials module allows you to easily create and maintain a detailed bill of the components and miscellaneous charges that make up your finished goods items and subassembly components. You can produce accurate and informative reports detailing bill structures, component requirements and production history.

When the Work Order or Production Order module is used in conjunction with Bill of Materials the material required to create a product can be automatically merged from the appropriate bill. All of the required paperwork to move the job through the shop or outside vendors can then be generated from each order, including travelers, picking sheets, dispatch sheets, purchase orders and operation tickets.