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The Ensemble Embellishment Solution combines the sophistication of our Distribution Solution with features required by value-added producers of screen-printed and embroidered merchandise and identity wear apparel. These modules can be configured for in-house production, blank management to outside contractors and hybrid environments.

Our Apparel and Identity Wear Embellishment Solution modules include:

Image Management - This sub-system allows you to create and maintain a comprehensive database for image management. Validation tables allow you to organize information by design type, category, coloration, placement, name drop, design template and user defined codes. Pull this all together in Artwork Master Maintenance where you can assign multiple name drops, associate image files and specify both sales and cost of goods sold General Ledger account numbers.

Artwork Order Processing - This module is designed for in-house production of screen-printed and embroidered merchandise and identity wear apparel. You can assign multiple artwork numbers, placement codes and name drops to each Sales Order and Purchase Order line and style. Artwork Orders are then consolidated by artwork number and/or name drop and printed on picking and production forms using tightly integrated and highly customizable Crystal Reports. Downstream packing and shipping can be performed either by individual Artwork Order or consolidated by Sales Order. Comprehensive drill down inquiries and full-featured user-defined status code assignment, tracking and audit trails provide end-to-end process visibility.

Production Order Processing - It you outsource screen printing and embroidery processes then this module is for you. Enhancements to the Bill of Materials and Inventory Management modules give you complete control over raw materials and blanks and features in the Purchase Order module facilitate material requirements planning along with Work in Process (WIP) visibility by outside contractor location.

Royalty Reporting - The Royalty Reporting extensions to the Accounts Payable module allow you to define and manage license agreements with vendors. Both license amounts per unit and license percentage of sales are supported and multiple licensor properties can be defined with split royalties. Once a licensor vendor has been defined it can be assigned to artwork numbers. All royalty license fees are then automatically assigned to sales order lines and flow through to the sophisticated royalty reporting sub-system giving you easy visibility of license agreement requirements and compliance.